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Alice was born in 2010. She was entrusted into our care in 2017 by a dear friend of the sanctuary, Mary. Alice is a beautiful little donkey who is very popular at the sanctuary.


Angel was born in 2002. She has previously been a top class breeding mare and is known to have bred champion stock. She was lovingly cared for Jill and Ken Allen-Melvin, until Ken’s illness. She was entrusted into our care in 2010, she arrived in foal.


Bailey was born in February 2019. He is the smallest and cheekiest of our pygmy goats! His favourite treats are grapes.


Bluebell was born in 1997. She is a rescue donkey found in appalling condition. Her skin was red hot and bald in places, which she would not allow us to touch. She had lice, mange, a heavy worm burden and twisted hoofs due to months of neglect. Bluebell was lovingly nursed back to health and surprised us in January 2017 with the birth of a beautiful baby girl, Rosie.


Bonnie was born in approximately 2011. She was rescued in 2018 and was in a very poor condition when we found her. She had sores all over her body, cuts on her face, overgrowing and twisting hooves. She’s very nervous but is gaining trust with some ginger biscuits!


Brandy is one of our rescue donkeys who arrived with the Dartmoor Foals. He was born in 2014. Brandy is very nervous of people as he has been very badly mistreated. He is enjoying settling into his new home!

brandy (goat)

Brin and Brandy are both pygmy goats, they are twins born in March 2019. Both boys are very confident and like to play in the goat house with Brody and Bailey.


Buddy was born in 2008 in Galway, Ireland. He joined us in 2018 as Jenny’s riding horse. Buddy and Jenny have gone on to compete in Dressage competitions across the country at National level and continue to do so to this day. He is an extremely lovable horse, with a very big personality!


Buttons was born in June 2016. His half brother is Cocoa. They were entrusted into our care in August 2018. Buttons is a very sweet donkey who loves to play football and sunbathe.


Caramel is one of our rescue goats.  He arrived in February 2018 with his twin brother Toffee. Unfortunately, Toffee passed away in February 2020. Caramel really struggled with the loss of his brother, but has now made very good friends with our Pygmy Goats. His favourite treat is ginger biscuits.


Chip is one of our 4 rescues from the Dartmoor Hills. He was born in May 2019 and spent the first 6 months of his life wild. Chip is very nervous around people, he is currently doing well in his rehabilitation program.


Cocoa was born in June 2016. His half brother is Buttons. They were entrusted into our care in August 2018. Cocoa is a very cheeky donkey who loves to play football and run around with the others.


Colin was born in 2014 and was abandoned at a pub sale in Leeds, then  taken to a garden to live and then into a muddy field. He had bad feet which were long, twisted and caused internal structure damage. As well as many more health problems. Colin is now much better after receiving treatments. He is a very bright and sociable donkey.


Finn came from Ireland as a rescue, he has been left very traumatised by abusive treatment and slowly gained trust in us. He was born in 2014 and has suffered from starvation and malnutrition which has left his bone structure quite deformed. He has a very sweet nature and loves a cuddle.


Fred is an ex seaside donkey who is currently in his 30’s. He’s a very lovely donkey who enjoys a cuddle. Fred was entrusted into our care in July 2018, with his friends Joe and Sparky. Fred injured his eye in May 2020 and had to have his right eye removed.


Honey is the only horse rescue here at Wonkey Donkey. She was in appalling condition when we found her. She is blind in her left eye, she had horrendous hooves and azoturia – which is a muscle condition when a horse has been worked too hard for too long. She is very sweet, just like her name and enjoys a cuddle!


Jack was only 2 years old when he arrived with us in June 2018. He had been with travellers before being rescued. Jack was entrusted to the sanctuary as his owner had fears of him being stolen due to an increase in horse thefts in his area. He is a lovely donkeys who enjoys cuddles and playing with his donkey friends.


Jacob was born in July 2012, weeks after his half brother, Tommy. These two are inseparable, yet totally different characters. Jacob is boisterous, cheeky and very bossy. He loves to play football with Tommy.


Jessica was born in 1999. She was the first miniature donkey to arrive at the sanctuary in foal.


Magic was born in 2006. She is the daughter of Starlight and was purchased for Jenny to show, from a different home in 2010.


Merlin was born in 1998. He is a top Miniature Mediterranean breeding Stallion who came to us from Jill and Ken Allen-Melvin, with our miniature donkey herd, after they were no longer able to care for them due to serious illness. Merlin had been a show donkey winning over 25 supreme championships. He is a wonderful little donkey who loves attention.


Millie was the first foal born at Little Oakes in 2010. She is sweet, very friendly, she has also been shown and loves a cuddle in the field. She is Jessica’s daughter.


Minnie is one of our 4 rescues from the Dartmoor Hills. She was born in May 2019 and spent the first 6 months of her life wild. She is very sweet and her favourite thing is having her ears scratched!


Murphy arrived at the sanctuary is 2017 in his late 20’s. He has been very badly abused a a young donkey. He was rescued in 2000 from a horse fair in Carlisle. This is the first time Murphy has lived with other donkeys since he was rescued. He now lives with our group of old donkeys and is a big character at Wonkey Donkey!


Pie is one of our 4 rescues from the Dartmoor Hills. He was born in May 2019 and spent the first 6 months of his life wild. Pie is the biggest of the 4 foals. He loves eating carrots!


Poppy was born in 2011 and is the daughter of Starlight. She is very quiet, sweet and her best friend is Tippi.


Robbie has spent 24 years of his life as a Blackpool Beach Donkey! He has always enjoyed his work but has now joined us at Wonkey Donkey in November 2020 for his retirement. Robbie loves eating carrots, having his ears scratched and having a roll in the sand!


Rolo was born in 2012 and came from Ireland in 2015. Prior to arriving at Wonkey Donkey, he had been barbarically castrated without proper equipment or anaesthetic which caused him massive infection and made him very poorly. Despite the pain that he suffered, Rolo is known as our ‘Gentle Giant’ – he has the most wonderful temperament and enjoys being cuddled and pampered.


Rosie was born on January 27th 2017. Her mum Bluebell is a rescue donkey, and we had no idea she was in foal at the time of her rescue, making Rosie a surprise to all at Wonkey Donkey! Rosie is a very loving and playful donkey. She knows no fear and is very popular with all of our visitors.


Sparky is an ex seaside donkey who is 10 years old. He wasn’t a very good seaside donkey as he wouldn’t walk up and down with the others! He was entrusted into our care in July 2018, with his friends Fred and Joe.


Starlight was born in 1995. She was imported from Texas at 6 months old. She was lovingly cared for Jill and Ken Allen-Melvin, until Ken’s illness. She was entrusted into our care in 2010, she arrived in foal.


Teddy is one of our 4 rescues from the Dartmoor Hills. He was born in May 2019 and spent the first 6 months of his life wild. Teddy loves being groomed!


Thomas is our baby donkey who was rescued with our Dartmoor Foals. He is currently our youngest donkey and was very poorly on arrival. Thomas’ best friend is Brandy who he follows everywhere!


Tippi was born in 2011 and is the daughter of Angel. She is cheeky, and quite bossy with the other donkeys, but she is very sweet.


Toby was born in August 2009. He arrived here at 6 months old as part of the donkey family from the Allen-Melvin’s. Jenny showed Toby with tremendous success across the country, winning major titles.


Tommy was born in May 2012, weeks before his half brother Jacob. These two are inseparable, yet, totally different characters with Tommy being quiet, kind and very lovable. and Jacob being boisterous, cheeky and very bossy. They both love to play football together.


Topaz was born in 1997. She was imported from Canada when she was 6 months old.
She was lovingly cared for Jill and Ken Allen-Melvin, until Ken’s illness. She was entrusted into our care in 2010. Topaz can be quite cheeky and will nudge you for attention!
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